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Welcome to i-LICS. Your Certification Body, exclusively for the language services industry, where expertise meets excellence in ISO 20771:2020 Legal Translation certification. Our new website is your gateway to specialized certification services tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

Why Choose Us for ISO 20771:2020 Certification?

Unparalleled Expertise: With years of experience in the field of ISO 20771:2020 Legal Translation, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Our team of experts has been at the forefront of industry developments and best practices, ensuring that you receive the highest quality certification services.

Customized Solutions: We understand that every organization is unique. That’s why we offer customized certification solutions that align seamlessly with your business processes and goals. Our approach is not one-size-fits-all; it’s tailored to your specific needs.

Field Experience: Our certification services are not just based on theory; they’re rooted in real-world experience. We have worked closely with diverse organizations, helping them implement ISO 20771 Legal Translation successfully and achieve operational excellence.

Comprehensive Support: From initial assessment to certification and beyond, we provide comprehensive support at every stage of your ISO 20771 Legal Translation journey. Our team is here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and guide you toward certification success.

Global Recognition: ISO 20771 Legal Translation certification from i-LICS, Your Certification Body Name] is globally recognized and respected. It opens doors to new opportunities and demonstrates your commitment to quality and excellence on a global scale.

At i-LICS, we are not just certifiers; we are your partners in excellence. Our commitment to quality, coupled with our deep field experience in ISO 20771:2020 F0F0F1, makes us the ideal choice for organizations seeking certification.


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Our Range of Services:

ISO 20771 Certification Services

ISO 20771: Certification:

Our core service offering includes ISO 20771:2020 Legal Translation certification, where we assess your organization's compliance with the standard's requirements.

ISO 20771 Coaching Services

Training and Workshops:

We offer training sessions and workshops to empower your team with the knowledge and skills needed for ISO 20771:2020 Legal Translation compliance.


Continuous Enhancement

We don't stop at certification. We help you maintain and continually improve your ISO 20771:2020 Legal Translation compliance to drive ongoing success.

What Our Clients Say


Maryam Alaboud, Translator - KSA

The sessions were insightful and provided me with the fundamentals of professional translation services. Also, the sessions have broadened my understanding of translation project management and delivery. Last but not least, it is essential to note that Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim delivered information thoroughly and clearly, which helped achieve the full potential of the overall experience. Thank you,

Maha Alfaleh

I got the ISO 17100 Certificate in the quality of translation services for individuals All thanks to all those who supported me and encouraged me, led by Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim, I thank him for his professionalism, dedication, and .keenness that the evaluation sessions go in such a professional way.

Felwa Almazyad Translator at SDAIA

I’m pleased to announce that I have a certification of #iso #iso17100 17100:2015-05 Special thanks to Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim for his support and guidance during the journey.

Aura AlMutlaq Riyadh - KSA

Dear Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim Greetings, I am very honored to have this golden opportunity with you, this course was extremely enriching and has widened my view on many aspects. My utmost gratitude,

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Frequently Asked Questions

– Agencies 4-6 hours
– Individuals up to 2 hours

– Agencies submit commercial register
– Freelancers (translators/interpreters as OPE, One Person Enterprise) should meet at least one of the following criteria:

a) a recognized graduate qualification in translation from an institution of higher education;

b) a recognized graduate qualification in any other field from an institution of higher education, plus
two years of full-time professional experience in translating/interpreting;

c) Five years of full-time professional experience in translating/interpreting.

-3 years for individuals & entities, always by a yearly maintenance audit. However, it finally depends on the evaluation and estimation of the responsible Lead Auditor.
Very important: Freelancers should submit a certificate in project management, preferably in translation project management (online courses from Alison, Coursera, or any other international providers can also be accepted).

– Just an interview to make sure the submitted documentation and qualification proof meet the prerequisites of the related standard. All aspects of the audit questions are listed in the certification scheme (see the related link below).

Join Us on Your ISO 20771:2020 Legal Translation Journey

Explore our new website to learn more about our services, get in touch with our team, and take the first step towards ISO 20771:2020 Legal Translation certification excellence. 

Your journey to ISO 20771:2020 Legal Translation certification begins here. Welcome to excellence.

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